'Eurovision' head criticizes Wogan's style

LONDON, May 11 (UPI) -- BBC host Terry Wogan who emcees "Eurovision Song Contest," makes the contest look "ridiculous," Eurovision TV Director Bjorn Erichsen says.

Erichsen said Hogan's antics on the show have been a detriment to its reputation. He blasted British viewers for not taking the competition seriously, The Daily Telegraph said Saturday.


"(Britain) has double standards in the contest," Erichsen said. "It is something you love to hate. It's something to laugh at.

"Terry Wogan is a problem because he makes it ridiculous," he added. "I know he is very popular, and maybe that is the reason why a lot of people watch. But one day he will have to retire and the BBC will have to find someone else."

Erichsen told the Telegraph he brought his concerns to the BBC in preparation for next week's "Eurovision" competition in the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

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