Favreau: 'Iron Man' will appeal to all

HOLLYWOOD, April 13 (UPI) -- Hollywood director Jon Favreau says his new movie, "Iron Man," will appeal to everyone, not just die-hard fans of the comic book that inspired it.

The New York-born director said while the armored superhero is largely unknown outside the world of comic books, he is confident his cinematic interpretation will appeal to a wide audience, the New York Post reported Sunday.


"I don't think it matters," he said of the film's comic roots. "There's enough going on in the movie and enough going on with the cast that people are going to give it a shot regardless of whether they know about it or not."

The "Zathura" director told the newspaper he was not sure what his contract has to say about potential sequels to "Iron Man," which is due out in U.S. theaters May 2.

"I don't know what the deals are, but certainly we spoke creatively about what the first three movies would be," Favreau said. "I think we're all into it and would love to do it together."

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