Verbinski working on animated film

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Hollywood filmmaker Gore Verbinski, who directed the three "Pirates of the Caribbean" blockbusters, is working on an animated movie.

GK Films said Verbinski and producer Graham King are collaborating for the first time to develop and produce an as-yet-untitled animated tale designed with franchise potential.


John Logan is in discussions to write the script based on an idea developed by Verbinski's production company, Blind Wink Productions, and producer John B. Carls.

Logan and King previously worked together on "The Aviator."

"I have always been inspired by animation ... I think this is a tremendous opportunity to move the medium forward and continue to engage, challenge and entertain the audience. We have a unique team of virtuosos coming together and I truly believe that we can break free from the traditional mold, and create a new style that is all our own," Verbinski said in a statement.

"One only has to look at the fantastic effects and visionary ideas in 'Pirates' to know that Gore's first animated project will no doubt continue that trend. As you can imagine, to be partnering with Gore on producing this project as well as working with John again is particularly exciting for me," said King.


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