Ex: Two other women say Morales raped them

BEVERLY HILLS , Calif., Jan. 1 (UPI) -- A former girlfriend of Esai Morales, who claims Morales raped her, said two other women have made similar allegations against the Hollywood actor.

"Since I initiated my lawsuit against (Morales) I have been approached by two women who have provided sworn declarations, detailing instances of violent rapes and sexual assaults against them by Morales," Elizabeth Mazzocchi, the actor's ex-girlfriend, said in a press conference recently.


A source told the New York Daily News that although two women have given Mazzocchi sworn statements attesting they were assaulted, at least one other person made similar claims, but refused to go on the record.

Mazzocchi filed a lawsuit against Morales in July, alleging he assaulted her and knowingly gave her herpes.

Morales, who is best-known for his roles on "Jericho," "Vanished" and "NYPD Blue," vehemently denied Mazzocchi's allegations on his MySpace page at the time.

Attorney Jason Beckerman, who represents Mazzocchi, told the News Morales' two other accusers came forward after seeing a report on the news ticker of the E! Entertainment channel about Mazzocchi's lawsuit.

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