Scarlett threatens to sue magazine

NEW YORK, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson says she feels compelled to take legal action against US Weekly for implying she may have had plastic surgery.

A feature in the magazine shows different photos of the actress and suggests she may have had some work done on her nose, while Johansson maintains she has not.


"I have always been straightforward with the press regarding my body image and I am very concerned that my fans (and perhaps even my employers) will feel misled. Thus, I feel compelled to take immediate legal action against US Weekly," Johansson said in a statement issued to OK! magazine.

A representative for the actress dismissed the implication that she has had surgery on her nose as "an outrageous and defamatory fabrication, lacking any conceivable basis or proof."

The New York Daily News quotes an Us Weekly spokesperson as saying, "Nowhere in our story do we categorically state that Ms. Johansson has had any plastic surgery."

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