Brown student last to interview Donda

CHICAGO, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- A Brown University English student was the last person to interview Donda West, singer Kanye West's mother, two days before she died.

Peter Wright, 22, talked to Donda West for about half and hour by phone about many subjects, including her book "Raising Kanye," the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday.


"I wanted to talk about what I thought to be some good ways to parent, and, of course, I had the opportunity to raise Kanye," the late Chicago educator told Wright. "Kids don't come with manuals, and neither is this book a manual, but just some things to think about. People may raise their kids totally different from the way I raised Kanye."

Wright's Nov. 8 interview was sold to Sister2Sister Magazine after a bidding war, the Sun-Times said, noting Wright sought and gained the West family's approval to sell the story.

"I interviewed her on Thursday, and when the news (of her death) came on Sunday, we were all like, 'Oh my God.' I was so sad," Wright told the newspaper. "Ten minutes later, it hit me. 'Oh my God! I think I have Kanye West's mom's last interview!' From then on, it's been just crazy."


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