Luxury designer goes after copycats

LONDON, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- A high-end British designer is waging war on stores selling low-cost knockoffs of his luxury shoes and purses.

Fashion designer Jimmy Choo told the British clothing chain Warehouse he'd sue if it didn't pull a low-cost copycat of his $1,350 luxury clutch, the "Marin," toted by such celebs as Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff, The Independent on Sunday reported.


Warehouse removed the black purse, destroyed thousands of bags and reached an out-of-court settlement with Choo, the newspaper said.

It's the latest offensive against designer plagiarism. Choo's firm also won battles against Oasis, Jane Shilton, M&S, Shoe Studio and New Look -- some of which had to pony up hefty settlements for copying shoe and bag designs.

"We will not tolerate copies of our products being sold, as we spend significant sums on creating unique and novel designs," Jimmy Choo spokeswoman Hannah Merritt told the Independent.

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