BBC braces for huge budget cuts

LONDON, Oct. 14 (UPI) -- Budget cuts may threaten more than 500 jobs with BBC News, but England’s top-paid personalities won't be socked in the paycheck.

The BBC Trust, which independently oversees the BBC, is expected to sign off on about $4 billion in cuts to the network, including large cuts in program budgets.


Rumors circulated that Mark Thompson, director-general of the BBC, summoned 100 of the corporation's biggest stars. However, unnamed sources told The Telegraph the meeting only included full-time staff. as most of the top entertainers work free lance.

Television and radio personality Jonathan Ross, broadcaster Terry Wogan and television personality Graham Norton are among the BBC’s highest-paid stars.

Thompson and Michael Lyons, the BBC Trust chairman, are expected to meet Monday to finalize details of the budget cuts. The final package is expected to be announced Thursday.

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