DreamWorks moves up 3-D monster pic

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- The release date for "Monsters vs. Aliens," DreamWorks Animation's first film produced in stereoscopic 3-D technology, has been moved up several weeks.

The movie will hit theaters March 27, 2009, instead of May 15, 2009.


"Moving to a March release date, which has proven to be a great slot for family films, allows us to roll out our first 3-D project on the maximum amount of screens as the year's first big event film to hit the market in this new format," Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive officer of DreamWorks Animation, said in a statement.

Helmed by "Shrek 2" director Conrad Vernon and "Shark Tale" director Rob Letterman, "Monsters vs. Aliens" reworks the classic 1950s monster movie into an irreverent modern-day action comedy, the studios said.

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