Rockwell preparing for 'Frost/Nixon' role

NEW YORK, July 5 (UPI) -- Hollywood actor Sam Rockwell says he won't see "Frost/Nixon" on Broadway until he has finished working on Ron Howard's upcoming movie version.

"I haven't seen (the play) yet, actually. I'm going to see it towards the end. I kind of want to get my own impressions on the character first, but I definitely want to see it," Rockwell told UPI in New York.


Rockwell will play real-life writer James Reston Jr. in the movie, which is based on Peter Morgan's play and slated to start shooting next month.

"I'm going to see Jim in about a week or two. I've hung out with him a little bit and he's a cool guy. He and Bob Zelnick -- their characters in the play -- did a lot of the research to get a conviction and a confession out of Richard Nixon in the David Frost interviews," said Rockwell.

"It's a good movie, a good screenplay. It's exciting to play a real person; you don't want to do an imitation but you want to kind of get the essence of who they are."

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