Holly Hunter stars in new TNT series

LOS ANGELES, July 5 (UPI) -- Hollywood actress Holly Hunter is calling her first starring role on series television an "incredible joyride."

Hunter will soon be seen playing Grace, a bad-girl Oklahoma City police detective in the edgy new TNT drama, "Saving Grace."


"She was a very original character. I have never read anyone like her; I have never played anyone like her. I wanted to be her," Hunter told UPI.

In the first episode, an unlikely angel named Earl appears and encourages Grace to seek redemption for her wicked ways.

Asked if she worries about how people will react to the show's faith-based themes, Hunter said, "That's just not my orientation when I wake up in the morning.

"I'm so involved in bringing her to life. To me, the show is about so many things and Earl's conversations with Grace are one of them. It's a vast landscape. But I don't really think about that. There are so many other people who that's their job; I kind of let them do that."

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