Spanish hit animated film comes to TV

MADRID, June 11 (UPI) -- Spain's Filmax Entertainment and Argentinean production company Patagonik have teamed up to create a television spin-off of "The Hairy Tooth Fairy."

The animated adventure, starring a young girl and a mouse named Ratoncito Perez, was the highest-grossing Spanish film at the box office this year, Daily Variety reported Monday.


The film was a mix of 3D and normal animation but the series, aptly titled "The Hairy Tooth Fairy: The Series" will be completely 3D, said Filmax Animation executive Francisco Rodriguez.

A sequel to film also is currently being made by director Andres Schaer and will be released in 2008. The series is expected to be completed in 2009-10.

"We have a brand. We have to keep it alive," Rodriguez explained.

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