Nick Carter to sing dolphin's song

TAMPA, Fla., May 18 (UPI) -- Backstreet Boy and Floridian Nick Carter was named a Year of the Dolphin special ambassador by the U.N. Environment Program Convention on Migratory Species.

Carter will help raise awareness about the danger of the marine mammals becoming extinct, E! News reported Friday. The crooner said he would record a new song and video, with all proceeds going to this project. In addition, he will also make a public service announcement and appear at local schools.


"I am honored to offer my resources and my music to help the United Nations save dolphins and their habitats," said Carter, who lists Tampa, Fla., as his home on "They face numerous threats such as being caught in fishing nets, disoriented by noise of boats and sonars and poisoned by more and more waste in the oceans. Global warming is threatening for most dolphins as well."

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