Hepburn's pink dress worth weight in gold

LONDON, May 8 (UPI) -- A hot pink cocktail dress worn by the character Holly Golightly in the U.S. film classic "Breakfast at Tiffany's" should draw a fortune at a British auction.

The Daily Mail says the black dress Hepburn wore in the first scene brought in a record $931,783 winning bid last year.


The hot pink dress, made of silk and festooned with rhinestones, carries an estimate of $29,915. Bidding should be fast and furious during the Christie's auction.

Audrey Hepburn sealed her fame playing a spirited, quirky sophisticate in the 1961 film that won two Oscars. George Peppard co-starred as her leading man.

Also included in the auction offerings is a signed 1954 print of Marilyn Monroe standing over a hot air vent, dress flaring up around her knees. Bidding for the iconic "The Seven Year Itch" photo should fetch at least $11,966.

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