Streisand prepares for European tour

NEW YORK, May 1 (UPI) -- Singer Barbra Streisand is taking her act abroad this summer in her first tour ever on the European continent.

"I like challenges, and it's time to do things that I haven't done before," Streisand told USA Today. The tour includes a stop in London, where she last performed in 1994.


Streisand enjoyed touring the United States last year "because I didn't have stage fright," she said. As with tickets for her U.S. performances, proceeds from her European tour will support the Streisand Foundation, which funds a number of causes, including education, women's issues, AIDS research and advocacy, and voter participation.

"What a joy it will be to perform in so many wonderful countries for the first time," Streisand said on her Web site. "I can't wait to experience these different audiences and different cultures."

She'll be abroad during the presidential campaign, but says she'll stay informed. Streisand hasn't indicated which candidate she'd support. The outspoken Democrat is a longtime supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton but has said she was "very impressed" with freshman Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

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