Spector defense asked not to attack victim

LOS ANGELES, April 9 (UPI) -- Prosecutors asked a Los Angeles judge to bar Phil Spector's lawyers from offering "bad character evidence" about Lana Clarkson, whom Spector allegedly killed.

Spector has pleaded not guilty to charges in the death of Clarkson who was found shot to death in 2003 at his Los Angeles area home. His defense contends she committed suicide and that her mental state could be an issue in the trial, the Los Angeles Times said.


Prosecutor Alan Jackson, in papers filed late Friday, warned that defense witnesses would try to paint Clarkson's prescriptions for headaches as medication for depression. Jackson said medical records show the prescriptions were for headaches, and ran out as much as a year before she was killed.

"It is irrelevant, it is intended as bad character evidence, and it threatens undue prejudice, confusion of the issues and could mislead the jury," Jackson argued in papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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