Solo album surprised Strokes guitarist

BOSTON, March 6 (UPI) -- A solo album came as something of a surprise to Albert Hammond, Jr., guitarist in the New York rock band the Strokes.

"It just happened so slowly, I don't even know how it happened, to tell you the truth," said Hammond, whose "Yours to Keep" is the first solo release by any of the Strokes' five members.


"I went in just to record a song. It came out well, then I wanted to go in and do one or two and those turned out better and I just kept going in to do songs, and eventually I had an album."

Hammond said he's still a member of the Strokes and that the band will begin work on its fourth album when "it feels like the right time."

Meanwhile, he'll be touring to support "Yours to Keep," including a showcase at the South By Southwest music festival and a stint opening for Bloc Party.

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