Britney's first ex speaks of drug use

MALIBU, Calif., Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Pop singer Britney Spears, now in a California rehabilitation center, abused drugs and nearly overdosed three years ago, her first husband said in an interview.

Jason Alexander, who was married to Spears for 55 hours, said he is bringing up her past because he doesn't want to see Spears dead.


"It freaked me out when I saw she had shaved off her hair; that was clearly a cry for help," Alexander, 25, said in an interview with the Sunday Mirror of London and reprinted in the New York Daily News. "She needs help."

Spears is at Promises, a Malibu, Calif., drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Alexander said in the interview he had trouble keeping up with her drug use.

One time Spears nearly overdosed fatally on pure ecstasy as they partied in Las Vegas, Alexander said in the Sunday Mirror interview. She fell unconscious to the floor and he put her in the shower to revive her, he said.

"She wasn't moving," Alexander told the Daily Mirror. "I remember looking down at her all crumpled in the tub with the water coming down. She looked so white and lifeless. I thought she was dead."


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