Robinson: 'Dreamgirls' execs owe apology

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- "Dreamgirls" creators owe an apology to Motown Records, Berry Gordy and Diana Ross for a movie of "false information," Motown icon Smokey Robinson said.

Robinson, front man for "Smokey" Bill Robinson and the Miracles, said the producers depicted Motown Records founder Berry Gordy and the Supremes' Diana Ross "with a lot of false information and negativity," Access Hollywood said.


Robinson said the producers "owe Berry Gordy a public apology ... rapidly."

"It is like an insult to our intellect and our intelligence and our integrity and our leader and our love for each other and our legacy," Robinson said during a recent interview on the syndicated show.

He said he was particularly bothered by Jamie Foxx's character, Curtis Taylor Jr., which Foxx said was based on several record executives he knows, not Gordy.

Gordy not only created his dream, Robinson said, but "allowed a lot of other dreams to come true and he did it with integrity."

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