Ireland honors Wogan's career with award

LIMERICK, Ireland, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- In recognition of his efforts on his BBC Radio 2 program, broadcaster Terry Wogan has been given a lifetime achievement award by his native Ireland.

The BBC reported that Wogan, who began his media career with Ireland's RTE broadcasting group, was given the award by Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern at an honorary event in his home city of Limerick.


"We want to thank you for the hours of entertainment you have provided to millions on both sides of the Irish sea," said Ahern, adding that Wogan was a fine ambassador for Limerick.

The honorary citation also recognized Wogan's popular efforts as a commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The award given to the 68-year-old broadcaster represented his contribution to Ireland's media industry, something Britain honored him for back in 2005 by adding his name to the Queen's Birthday Honors list.

Due to his dual citizenship, Wogan was able to receive an English knighthood and begin using the title "Sir," the BBC said.

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