Mellencamp goes garage on new album

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Jan. 23 (UPI) -- U.S. musician John Mellencamp said he considers his new album, "Freedom's Road," to be garage rock -- literally.

Mellencamp and his band recorded the 11-track album in a rehearsal room located in the garage of his Belmont Mall recording facility near Bloomington, Ind. The idea, he said, was to capture the energy and immediacy of the songs as they were written and arranged rather than waiting to take them into a traditional studio.


"We just decided it's crazy to do all this work and then try to chase it again three months later," Mellencamp said. "It would be a disaster. So we just brought all the gear out to the rehearsal room and recorded it there."

Mellencamp previewed "Freedom's Road" last year by licensing one of the tracks, "Our Country," to General Motors for a Chevrolet truck campaign.

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