Mozart's genius revisited with found work

SALZBURG, Austria, Dec. 29 (UPI) -- A newly discovered piano concerto believed written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has provided experts in Austria further insight into his genius.

Ernst Hintermeier, the head of the archdiocese in the Austrian city of Salzburg, purchased "Allegro di Wolffgango Mozart." Experts speculate the composer likely composed the work before he was 10, The Times of London said.


By dating the composition back to sometime between 1763 and 1766, Hintermeir said that the work would likely benefit research into the composer's genius.

"This is a wonderful discovery and hopefully a great attribution towards the Mozart research. I bought it on behalf of the archive of the archdiocese from private owners, who had no knowledge of its value. After a close examination of the manuscript it became apparent that it contains an entirely unknown work by the young Mozart," he said.

The work, found inside a music book, was set to make its official live debut in a performance scheduled for Friday in the Salzburg, the paper reported.

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