Brown set an example for 'Godson' Usher

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 27 (UPI) -- Usher said that James Brown lived up to his hard-working reputation when they teamed up for a duet at the 2005 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Usher, 28, told People magazine Wednesday that the "Godfather of Soul" was on time and ready to give it his all when they rehearsed their number.


"This is not something the new school of performers knows anything about," Usher said. "Mr. Brown was in a class by himself."

Brown, who died Christmas Day at age 73, also advised Usher to get himself some better shoes to wear on stage. He warned that the tennis shoes he had on wouldn't allow him to move smoothly and could "break your ankles."

Along with the advice, Usher said he received what he considered the ultimate compliment when Brown referred to him as the "Godson of Soul."

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