Stallone heading up 'Rocky' revival

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- Actor Sylvester Stallone has donated several items of memorabilia from his "Rocky" movies to Washington's Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

The donation comes two weeks before the release of "Rocky Balboa" -- the sixth "Rocky" film. It also coincides with the release of a special edition "Rocky" DVD, the Baltimore Sun reported.


The 60-year-old actor said the immense success of the film franchise, which launched in 1976, was due to its emotional connection to everyone.

"Rocky is part of everybody. I don't claim ownership anymore," Stallone said. "The reason the story worked is because all of us have a need to feel fulfillment in their life. And that battle never ends. That's why I put it in the body of a boxer."

The paper said the donated items, which include the actor's robe from the first film, will be displayed in the museum's Treasures of American History exhibit on Dec. 21 -- one day after "Rocky Balboa" hits theaters.

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