Aerosmith's Perry injured during concert

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 8 (UPI) -- Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was struck in the head by a camera boom during a concert in Las Vegas and rushed to an area hospital.

The 56-year-old musician and his Aerosmith cohorts were performing their hit "Back in the Saddle" at the MGM Garden Arena Saturday night, when one of the cameras filming the concert hit him in the head, Roadrunner Records' Web site reported.


"I was running towards the stage left ramp at the same time a 2,000 pound crane cam was swinging down to catch a shot but instead it caught me on the left side of the head," said Perry. "I saw stars and almost fell off the stage."

The Web site said the guitarist remained lighthearted about the event -- whose footage will be used for 2007 ESPN telecasts of NASCAR events -- after receiving medical treatment.

"Next time we film for NASCAR I am wearing a helmet and not just on the track," Perry joked.

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