Despite age, Cronkite longs for action

NEW YORK, Nov. 3 (UPI) -- While Walter Cronkite turns 90 on Saturday, the U.S. journalist has said he feels the same draw to the news that pushed him during his impressive career.

Speaking with the New York Daily News, the iconic newscaster said that despite his advanced age, he still longs for work beyond providing the introductory voice-over for Katie Couric on the "CBS Evening News."


"I would like to be doing the whole broadcast," the former network anchor said.

"I was honored to be asked and I must say rather surprised," he added about voicing the opening of the "Evening News."

"I'm very pleased to have my little signature out there at the beginning of the broadcast." When asked about his most recent successor on the popular broadcast, Cronkite offered a positive opinion with a touch of constructive criticism.

"I think Katie's doing very well," he told the Daily News. "I would like to see just a little bit more hard news on the broadcast. But I think she does quite a good job."

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