Legend to release second album

NEW YORK, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- U.S. musician John Legend's new single, "Save Room," is defined by it's soulfulness, sounding something like vintage lounge music, the New York Daily News says.

"Millions of people hate what's on the radio right now," the 27-year old R&B singer told the Daily News. "I also hate what's on the radio right now. So I've put my bet on being different."


Legend won three Grammys with his debut album "Get Lifted." Prior to that, in 2005, Legend became a breakout sensation when he released his song "Ordinary People." This week, Legend is set to release his second album "Once Again."

Legend, who was born John Stephens in rural Ohio, reportedly fell in with the neo-soul scene in Philadelphia, where he became friends with Lauryn Hill and Kanye West.

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