Mellencamp embraces ad world with new song

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Oct. 20 (UPI) -- After years of saying no, Indiana rocker John Mellencamp is allowing his new single to be used in a television commercial for trucks.

Mellencamp licensed "Our Country," a song celebrating the durability of the American dream, to Chevrolet for a spot advertising its trucks. Mellencamp referred to the ad, which features images of disgraced U.S. President Richard Nixon and Hurricane Katrina, as "my new video" and says it's an effective way to promote the song.


"I want my records to be heard; that's why I write 'em," said Mellencamp, who has rebuffed numerous ad requests for other songs. "Radio's not gonna play 'em now. MTV doesn't even play videos anymore. How do you get it out there and ... stay relevant?

"This is what (artists) are going to have to do if they're not 21 years old and they want people to hear their music."

Mellencamp is performing "Our Country" on Sunday at Game Two of the World Series in Detroit. "Our Country" will appear on Mellencamp's next album, "Freedom Road," which is due out in January.


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