Katie Springer defends her father

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Jerry Springer's daughter offered nothing but support and admiration for her controversial father Tuesday in an interview with "Access Hollywood."

Katie Springer told the hosts that despite her father's jaded public image because of his lively but much-criticized talk show, she would defend him no matter what.


"I will stand up to anyone verbally who attacks my dad, because he's wonderful," she said. "Honestly, it's a shame he wasn't born in America, because he would make one hell of a president," she said of her father, who was born in England.

Katie also said she admires how both her parents offered her unconditional support despite the fact that she was born legally blind and deaf in one ear.

"He's been teaching me that lesson my whole life," she said. "I've heard this story that when I was first born and they heard about all these problems, they just said, 'we're never going to treat her different, we're going to make sure she knows she's not different.'"

The release said that the elder Springer, who recently performed a waltz on "Dancing with the Stars," confessed he learned the dance specifically for his daughter's upcoming wedding.


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