Cosby to offer help with 'It's Your Life'

DETROIT, Oct. 6 (UPI) -- U.S. comedian Bill Cosby is jumping on the advice-giving circuit with a new workshop, "It's Your Life: Who's in Charge?"

Cosby appears Saturday in Detroit for the event organized by ARISE Detroit, a network of more than 200 service agencies and organizations organized by Cosby's call to action last year. The show offers attendees tips and motivational concepts, the Detroit Free Press reports.


"We need to reach those who are stuck, stopped and not moving ahead," said Cosby, whose related amnesty rally on Sunday has been postponed. "And reaching them means getting them to stop blaming everything about their lives on others or racism. Institutional racism and discrimination exist, and they make life hard for many people, but people also survive it every day."

The paper said the 69-year-old comedian has been focusing on encouraging personal responsibility for financially disadvantaged individuals for the last two years and this weekend's free seminar represents Cosby's first ever workshop.

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