Izzard to mimic Gordon Ramsay for film

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- British comedian Eddie Izzard is set to do an on-screen rendition of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's antics for a new drama from Channel Five.

In the two-part film, the famed cross-dressing actor will portray a chef named Nick Malone, but clearly based on the outlandish and brutish traits of Glasgow native Ramsay, said The Scotsman.


"Gordon has got a very healthy ego about himself, and so does Nick Malone," Izzard said of his role in "Kitchen."

"He definitely can swear his head off when he wants to, and does tear people's heads off in a way that Gordon seems to have done on the television -- although how much of that is him in his own kitchen and how much of it is television, I don't quite know," he added.

The newspaper said the production, with its focus on the "Hell's Kitchen" star and his fiery mannerisms, is tentatively scheduled to air in early 2007.

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