Nicholson tops 'Departed' film premiere

NEW YORK, Sept. 28 (UPI) -- Jack Nicholson drew both raves for his 22-year-old date and his acting work in the crime drama at this week's world premiere of "The Departed" in New York.

"Extra" reported that the 69-year-old actor made quite a splash at Tuesday's film premiere when he appeared with model Paz de la Huerta on his arm and his fellow stars of the new Martin Scorsese film had nothing but praise for the legendary actor.


"You look at the movies the guy has made and start naming them, and it's a pretty daunting filmography," Nicholson's "Departed" co-star Matt Damon told "Extra."

"Jack is king in a sense in the film, and in a sense, that is the same relationship that applies to him with the younger actors." Scorsese told the TV show of his film's lead.

In the film, which is due out next week, Nicholson plays Irish mob boss Frank Costello who Leonardo DiCaprio's police character is intent on bringing to justice.

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