Cattrall offers advice for 'Being a Girl'

NEW YORK, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Kim Cattrall, who played a New York socialite on TV's "Sex and the City," is set to offer advice next month to adolescent girls with her book "Being a Girl."

The new book, whose full title is "Being a Girl: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Teen Life," has drawn some concern due to the sexually uninhibited character Cattrall played on the popular HBO series but a promotional flyer for the work has attempted to ease such worry, The New York Daily News reports.


"Kim is not Samantha," said the flyer. "Teens will find her answers are firmly grounded in reality."

Yet the 50-year-old actress has said her TV role helped inspire her to write the book as it made countless teens seek her out for advice.

"Samantha is a character who seems to know everything, so teens of all ages ask my advice," she said, "about dating, shopping, losing weight, makeup, friendship, what's hot."

The paper said that $19 book is due out in October and despite the character she played on television, Cattrall has kept its 128 pages of advice age appropriate.


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