'Everyone's Hero' is a tribute to Reeve

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15 (UPI) -- Film executives say the spirit of Christopher and Dana Reeve can be felt in "Everyone's Hero," a project both Reeves worked on until their deaths.

Best known for his role as "Superman," Reeve turned to directing after a 1995 horseback riding accident left him a quadriplegic.


Reeve was revising the script and working on storyboards for Fox's "Everyone's Hero," when he died in October 2004, The Los Angeles Times reported.

His wife Dana, whose voice is used in the film, became executive producer and became extremely involved in her husband's final project. She died of cancer in March.

Despite Christopher Reeve's death, his tone and vision of the film about a boy seeking Babe Ruth's stolen bat remained intact, producer Ron Tippe told the Times. The Reeves' work hits the theaters this weekend.

Reeve, who script writer Rob Kertz called "one of the last great American heroes", inspired everyone from the actors to the animators.

"In the end, it's a happy story," Kertz said. "We'll be able to walk out of the premiere and say to Chris, 'It's a good movie, I know you'd like it.'"


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