Paris Hilton goes businesswoman

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18 (UPI) -- Heiress Paris Hilton wants people to see her life and how hard she really works from her prospective and says she's accomplished all she has on her own.

Hilton told The Los Angeles Times that she hasn't taken money from her parents -- her father is the "Hilton" of hotel fame -- since she was 18.


Hilton is to release an album next week and that's just the start of "the brand of Paris Hilton," she told the newspaper.

She'll next introduce signature lines of lingerie, shoes, bathing suits, makeup, wigs, purses, an energy drink, a video game and champagne in a can. She is also going to open several restaurants and has begun developing properties for what she calls a "boutique hotel chain," to be called Paris, that will remain unaffiliated with her parents' worldwide franchise.

"The whole 'party girl heiress' thing, I'm over it," Hilton told the Times. "I'm really serious as an artist. I'm a businesswoman."

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