'Miami Vice' remake shows different city

MIAMI, July 25 (UPI) -- The image of Miami in the TV series "Miami Vice" was one of opulence and '80s glamour, but in its new film remake that image undergoes a massive overhaul.

The Miami Herald reported that the upcoming cinematic reinvention of the famed cop drama will feature a much more developed and edgy city than its TV predecessor ever portrayed during its five years on the air.


Michael Mann, the helmer of such police-oriented films as "Heat" and "Manhunter," directed the film remake with the idea of showing the true image of the Florida city.

"Whenever you talk to anyone from around the world and say you're from Miami, if they know nothing else they know Miami Vice," Mann told the Herald. "That conjures up all kinds of images of what the city looks like, and to redefine the city for the current era and say here's what Miami looks like in 2006 will be helpful for tourism."

The film, which features actors Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx taking over the roles of officers Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs respectively, is due out this Friday, the newspaper said.


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