Ex-Mavericks singer covers up on new album

NASHVILLE, July 25 (UPI) -- For his new Nashville album, "You're Only Lonely," former Mavericks singer Raul Malo decided to record some of his favorite songs -- by other artists.

The Peter Asher-produced set features songs by Randy Newman, J.D. Souther, Willie Nelson, the Bee Gees, Wayne Newton and others. Recording them, Malo says, presented a different kind of creative challenge than he's encountered before.


"It's a different game, a different mentality, a different approach," Malo explains. "I had always written all my songs, and so therefore I could sing 'em however I wanted. Now, working as an interpreter of somebody else's songs, it's a difficult process but really fun. I enjoyed myself immensely just being the singer, being a vocalist and a stylist and an interpreter."

Malo is also working on an album of country covers he hopes to release in 2007, as well as his second solo album of original material.

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