MTV effort may not be longest music video

LONDON, July 24 (UPI) -- MTV says English rapper Mike Skinner of The Streets has created a record-length 20-minute video as part of the music network's upcoming 25th birthday.

That claim may be in error, depending on how you define "video."


The BBC said the video, set to debut Aug. 1, will break the previous length record held by Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video by seven minutes.

However, the Guinness World Records Web site says the longest video is "Jackson's part feature film, part music video, Ghosts."

The "Ghosts" video, issued in 1996, is 35 minutes long and based on an idea by horror writer Stephen King. Jackson plays five different roles in the video, the Web site said.

As part of the MTV project, Skinner provided musical backing for the video, which was made up of donated footage from five MTV viewers across the United Kingdom.

"I have been blown away by the creativity and imaginations of the young people involved and we have watched hours of videos in order to find the most interesting and intriguing content for this epic work," Skinner said of the Alistair Siddons-directed video.


"Although it's our 25th birthday, it's important to remember that we wouldn't have lasted 25 minutes without great, creative music videos and our brilliant, open-minded viewers," a spokesman for MTV told the BBC.

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