Wayans accused of copying Bugs Bunny

LOS ANGELES, July 20 (UPI) -- Bugs Bunny fans are accusing Hollywood's Wayans brothers of lifting the story for the new movie "Little Man" from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Writing online at the Internet Movie Database, the accusing fans say the new movie -- which features Shawn Wayans as a pint-sized criminal on the run -- borrows too heavily from the 1954 animated short, "Baby Buggy Bunny," The Los Angeles Times reported.


"I've read that it was a lot more than an influence," animation historian Jerry Beck told the Times. "It is the same story. And 'Baby Buggy Bunny' is quite beloved. It's a cult cartoon. It seems to me they saw that cartoon and said that would be a great idea for a movie."

"Little Man," written by Keenan Ivory and Shawn Wayans, was released in U.S. theaters last Friday.

"Baby Buggy Bunny" was written by Michael Malthese and directed by legendary animation director Chuck Jones.

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