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'Talent' judge Morgan tells brutal truth

LOS ANGELES, July 14 (UPI) -- "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan brought a 12-year-old to tears in the Los Angeles studio, saying he should dump his older brother from the act.

Despite Morgan's assessment, the pair was considered the best act Wednesday. Morgan tried to explain his comments, saying the boy, who played harmonica, outshone his 20-year-old brother who sang and played guitar, Us Weekly reported.


"Yeah, I thought he was a genius, the boy ... he was a great harmonica player," judge Piers Morgan told Us. "He rocked."

The guitar player knows the truth, Morgan reckoned. The younger, more-talented musician just needs a back-up band.

Morgan told Us he has no remorse for his harsh judgments because "America's Got Talent" is a million-dollar competition and everyone understands how difficult the judging is.

"I also don't think he was crying because of what I said, I think he was crying because part of him knows that I was right," said Morgan. "But we're not here to say (to) these kids 'Just because you're young, we can't be honest with you.'"

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