Dior's new fashions medieval, military

PARIS, July 6 (UPI) -- French fashion designer John Galliano unveiled Dior's newest collection, including feudal and punk styles for stylish high-flying women like Cher who was there.

Galliano's notes for the Wednesday evening fashion show disclosed his inspiration for the new line of clothing. Having seen "Les Visiteurs Du Soir," a film about war in the 15th century that depicted women as knights and jousters, he decided the medieval look might become new, the Times of London reported.


Wimples, corsets, giant headwear, trains and flowing skirts were paraded down the runway. The woman of average height, weight or budget might have trouble carrying off either the heavy armor or the $150,000-plus price tag, but it is unlikely the new dramatic styles will at even high-end stores, the Times reported.

Galliano's designs are generally spectacular if not practical, but this year's displays were also exquisite, the newspaper said. The jeweled suits and chiffon evening dresses demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship.

Dior's show contrasted sharply with Armani's, whose styles were simple and pretty with staggeringly price tags, the Times reported. His Privé collection launched two years ago business has been very successful.

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