Drama at the MuchMusic Video Awards

TORONTO, June 20 (UPI) -- There was a bit of heat at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, with Tori Spelling and Mary Jo Eustice both attending the same party.

Spelling and her husband actor Dean McDermott, were there for the big bash that precedes the awards ceremony, and so was McDermott's ex-wife, Eustace, CBS reported Tuesday.


Eustace said she was asked to leave the building during the awards ceremony because she made Spelling, who was presenting an award, uncomfortable.

"The excuse was that there was a restraining order against me, which is of course completely false and untrue," said Eustace.

The awards honored music videos by Canadian and international musicians and featured appearances by Paris Hilton, Nick Lachey, and Rihanna who won best international video artist.

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