Unaired TV pilots find new Internet home

LOS ANGELES, June 19 (UPI) -- TV series pilots that never aired in the United States, such as the ironically named "Nobody's Watching," have found new viewers on the Internet.

The New York Post said numerous pilot episodes have been posted on the Web site, including one for "Nobody's Watching," a comedy made by some of the creative forces behind successful shows like "Family Guy" and "Scrubs."


The pilot had originally been made for NBC, which rejected the show, prompting its creators to attempt a deal with the WB, which also rejected the pilot.

Yet two weeks ago the pilot episode appeared on and since then has been downloaded by over 1,000 people.

The Web site's offering of pilot episodes, such as "Nobody's Watching," has been met with mixed reactions, with many TV executives disliking the practice and causing many to wonder why.

"I don't think any network likes the idea of a show that they passed on being out there for people to see so viewers can say, 'Look at the crap that they put on TV and they passed on this one?'" the creator of "Scrubs" and "Nobody's Watching" Bill Lawrence told the Post. "It makes them look dumb."


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