Marley hits Target first

MINNEAPOLIS, June 8 (UPI) -- Ziggy Marley's upcoming second album will be available online, but in its first year in release, it will be available in only one U.S. retail outlet, Target.

The album "Love Is My Religion" will be the first album Target has been the sole retailer of, the Boston Herald reports.


Marley told the Herald how his father, the late reggae star Bob Marley, had intended to release an album independently.

"I feel proud and very strong that I could do this not only for me, but for him," Marley said.

While many criticize such exclusive marketing deals, Marley -- whose album also will be available on digital music sites like iTunes -- doesn't see it as a problem.

"If you'd rather go to another store and pay more for the product, then you have to wait a year," Marley told the Herald, "But if you want to pay a good price for good music, then you can go to Target."

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