Rapper T.I. happy with album, film combo

DETROIT, March 28 (UPI) -- Atlanta rapper T.I. says two projects are better than one -- especially when they complement each other.

T.I. -- whose real name is Clifford "Tip" Harris -- has just released his fourth album, "King." It features several songs included in the soundtrack of "ATL," a film set in Atlanta in which T.I. portrays an aspiring rapper named Rashad. He expects the two projects to help each other rather than compete.


"I was just creating an album, I was just doing my album," he says. "I worked on the movie from probably March to September, and the album from before March 'til just a month ago, maybe. It's gonna support the movie, and the movie's gonna support the album."

"ATL" was directed by Chris Robinson, who's directed several of T.I.'s videos -- including the clip for King's first single, "What You Know," which is one of the songs that appears in the film.

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