Lorenzos want feds to return label cash

NEW YORK, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- An attorney for hip-hop label owners Chris and Irving Lorenzo has asked a federal judge in New York to help the brothers get their seized money back.

Federal agents seized $35,000 during a 2003 raid of the Murder Inc. music label offices, which they used as evidence in the money laundering trial that ended with the Lorenzos' acquittals in December, the New York Post reported Tuesday.


A jury rejected the federal government's contention that the brothers were laundering money through their label for notorious New York drug dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff.

The money seized during the raid was put into a government bank account and attorney Gerald Shargel told the Post bureaucrats are taking their time in returning the cash to its owners.

Shargel said he has asked Brooklyn federal Judge Edward Korman to help cut through the red tape.

A spokesman for the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's Office declined to comment.

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