Will, or can, Sirius put limits on Stern?

NEW YORK, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- Shock jock Howard Stern says there is no way his new bosses at Sirius Satellite Radio will place content limits on his show.

The New York Post quoted a source Monday as saying Sirius executives were getting ready to set boundaries on its star, who left terrestrial radio after years of running afoul of the Federal Communications Commission's decency rules for public airwaves.


Stern, however, spent a good portion of his show Monday morning railing against The Post article, reported. Stern said his contract contains "no limits whatsoever."

He also noted satellite radio content was never an issue until his Sirius show debuted earlier this month.

"If I quit my radio show and became a florist, flowers would be under investigation right now," Stern said. said a call to Sirius seeking clarification of the Post report was not immediately returned.

However, at least one industry expert said Sirius could set some guidelines of its own as a pre-emptive strike against government regulation of satellite radio content.

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