Robert Redford readying to re-enter cinema

PARK CITY, Utah, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Hollywood legend Robert Redford says he is looking to find, develop and direct new projects.

Redford's Sundance Institute is 25 years old and his Sundance Film Festival going on now in Park City, Utah, is celebrating its 20th anniversary, The Hollywood Reporter noted.


Redford said although he is not dropping his participation altogether, the time is right to back away and get back to his roots -- which is making movies.

"I feel that basically where I am now is that I put a lot of energy and time into supporting the festival, activities that required my personal presence," Redford told The Reporter. "Now, Sundance has its own identity, and I can return wholeheartedly to the passions that inspired me to develop Sundance in the first place."

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