Jackson Browne album a gift for fans

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Jackson Browne released his new live album, "Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1," as a gift for his fans.

"Since I started doing these acoustic shows in the late 90s," Browne says, "people were saying, 'You're recording this, right? This is gonna be a record, right?' My fans would say this. The people at my shows would say 'We're gonna be able to get this, right?'


"This is me finally taking the time to listen through the tapes and find the moments I like the most."

The 12-track album -- released on Browne's own Inside Recordings label -- includes favorites such as "Take it Easy" and "The Pretender," as well as "The Birds of St. Marks," which Browne wrote 30 years ago but has never released.

Browne plans more "Solo Acoustic" albums in the future, and he's starting work on his next set of new songs.

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