Manager says KISS more a brand than band

NEW YORK, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- Comments by KISS leader Gene Simmons and the band's manager suggest it's not important who wears the KISS makeup but it's the music they play.

Manager Doc McGhee recently told The New York Times he's considering recruiting all new members to don the KISS makeup and replace the entire band.


"KISS is more like Doritos or Pepsi, as far as a brand name is concerned," he said. "They're more characters than the individual person. I think they have a legitimate chance to carry the franchise."

Simmons told the Launch Radio Network only 5 percent to 10 percent of fans really care about original members -- what they want to hear is the music.

" ... When you look at original members, the Beatles are not original members -- Ringo is not an original member; the Stones -- barely," Simmons said. "You know, they've had so many members come and go, but it's the Stones; and AC/DC's aren't original members; and Van Halen; and Journey ... you go down the list of every -- almost every band you can think of."

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